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May 15, 2020

2 billion people are at risk of COVID-19 because they can’t wash their hands

A quarter of the world’s population is at risk of the COVID-19 coronavirus due to a lack of access to effective handwashing, according to a new report published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

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May 14, 2020

Leveraging the power of digital technologies and data systems against COVID-19

How can digital technologies and data best be leveraged to support the COVID-19 response in low- and middle-income countries? Recent efforts to fight the pandemic demonstrate the incredible power that digital technology offers as we rise to face unprecedented global threats and support partner countries’ on their journey to self-reliance.

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Mar 9, 2020

The coronavirus is the first true social-media “infodemic”

On January 19—a week before the Lunar New Year—Tommy Tang left Shenzhen with his girlfriend to visit her family in Wuhan for the holiday. They had heard of the novel coronavirus (now officially known as COVID-19), but as far as they knew, it was localized to a small area. The local government had assured people that it would only affect those who visited a specific food market and contracted it directly from wild animals.

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Mar 6, 2020

Harnessing the power of routine data to eliminate malaria

National malaria control programs and their partners face the challenge of identifying and mobilizing limited resources to geographic areas where they will have the greatest impact. Increasing insecticide resistance means current interventions are becoming less effective. New tools that are potentially more effective against insecticide-resistant mosquitoes have been introduced, but their use is hampered by higher prices and limited evidence of their impact and cost-effectiveness.

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Jan 27, 2020

In Congo’s Ebola zone, misinformation persists even as cases slow

Fighting the latest Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo has proven deadly – not only to aid responders who have suffered nearly 400 attacks since the outbreak began in 2018, but also to those fighting the spread of misinformation about the disease.

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Jan 25, 2020

A data revolution for all

It has now been almost two decades since the original launch of, a non-profit that marshaled $100 billion in debt forgiveness for poor countries, and another $50 billion in contributions for health and development. In a world with more data and data-science expertise than ever, it’s time to revive that innovative spirit.

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Jan 7, 2020

Effectiveness of an electronic partogram: A mixed-method, quasi-experimental study among skilled birth attendants in Kenya

Timely identification and management of intrapartum complications could significantly reduce maternal deaths, intrapartum stillbirths, and newborn deaths due to hypoxia. The World Health Organization (WHO) identifies monitoring of labor using the paper partograph as a high-priority intervention for identifying abnormalities in labor and fetal well-being. This article describes a mixed-method, quasi-experimental study to assess the effectiveness of an Android tablet-based electronic, labor clinical decision-support application (ePartogram) in limited-resource settings.

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Jan 1, 2020

What happens if you skip your flu vaccine? This VR game shows you the deadly consequences

What happens if you skip your flu vaccine? This VR game shows you the deadly consequences

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Nov 12, 2019

The impact of an integrated electronic immunization registry and logistics management information system on vaccine availability in three regions in Tanzania: A pre-post and time-series analysis

Since 2016, the Government of Tanzania has been implementing TImR, an integrated Electronic Immunization registry-logistics management information system (EIR-LMIS) that includes stock notifications. The objective of this study is to estimate the impact of this intervention on vaccine availability.

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Nov 8, 2019

Hey Siri. What is the key to more gender equal technology solutions?

The international attention received by ‘I’d Blush if I Could’, a newly released publication from UNESCO and the EQUALS Skills Coalition, has helped highlight the severity of gender divides in digital skills. Around the world, women and girls are falling behind men and boys when it comes to cultivating the skills and competencies needed to harness the power digital technology.

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