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BID Learning Network

The BID Learning Network (BLN) was established in 2014 as part of the BID Initiative to bring together digital health experts and immunization program managers from across sub-Saharan Africa to exchange experiences in implementing electronic immunization registries, data management systems, change management approaches, and data use policies and practices. Since then, the BLN has expanded its scope to provide a set of holistic services that leverage our deep expertise, and those of our partners, on the design, implementation, and scale-up of digital and data solutions to address routine data challenges at a primary health care level, while providing a hub for professional peer learning.

Under the BLN’s strong legacy, participants are part of a community that connects, learns, and collaborates across borders and health areas while accessing a series of more targeted services and mentorship. The BLN serves as a hub for dynamic technical support that carefully assesses each countries’ needs and vision for strengthening their routine data systems. Countries can access a series of service offerings based on where they are currently with their digital and data systems. This includes:

  • Advisory: targeted support to countries seeking guidance on their specific routine data challenges and questions, including providing them with tools to help them select an appropriate digital solution, system demos, and connections to experts across the field.
  • Capacity building: support for country participants to build their skills and leadership around a range of areas they have prioritized. Mentors partner with governments based on their priorities, to build country capacity on the appropriate phases of design, introduction, adoption, and the scale up and sustainability of digital and data solutions.
  • Knowledge management: capturing, synthesizing, and sharing lessons and best practices with countries on digital and data solutions, including learning from each other’s experiences as well as from regional and global sources. Countries participate in meetings, webinars, and learning exchanges with the BLN, allowing government leaders and digital health experts to collectively tackle some of the most complex challenges facing health information systems.

The BLN functions as an honest broker to countries and ministries of health while rigorously engaging them around a spectrum of services whether they require short-term, one-off, or deeper, long-term support. The BLN builds a bridge between countries, as well as with regional and global partners, through mentorship, peer learning opportunities, and knowledge management, providing targeted expertise to governments.