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Jul 19, 2018

Awareness and beliefs about cervical cancer, the HPV vaccine, and cervical cancer screening among Ghanaian women with diverse education levels

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women in Ghana. Cost-effective tools for the primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer, such as the Pap test, the HPV DNA test, and the HPV vaccine, are available in hospitals and clinics throughout Ghana. However, participation in cervical cancer prevention behaviors is low among Ghanaian women. Our objective was to determine if there were significant differences in cervical cancer awareness and stigmatizing beliefs about women with cervical cancer between Ghanaian women of different education levels.

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Jul 3, 2018

How Ebola vaccines have helped to usher in a new era in the outbreak response

When Ebola flared up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo last month, a wave of international public health workers had just left the country, where they had been deployed to combat cholera. But less than two weeks after leaving, some were rushing back to help with the new crisis.

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Jul 2, 2018

The role of the global development community in the data revolution

During a recent stint in India, Priya Jaisinghani Vora, CEO of Future State, focused on the country’s unique approach to privacy and data. The stated goal of the initiative she leads, which is supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, is “to ensure the data revolution helps the world’s poor gain access to new services and information that can improve their lives.”

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Jun 25, 2018

Rising to the challenge of vaccinating refugees in Bangladesh

In honour of World Refugee Day, we asked Dr Kaosar Afsana, Director of BRAC’s Health, Nutrition, and Population programme, to share her experiences of supporting the health of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and explain the important role played by immunisation.

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Jun 21, 2018

Health officials cautiously optimistic dangerous Ebola outbreak is over

There is cautious optimism that a dangerous Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is over, the head of the World Health Organization’s emergency response operations said Thursday.

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Jun 18, 2018

Stories of typhoid: Mothers in Kenya

Typhoid is a common bacterial infection that can have an outsized impact on young kids and their families, particularly for moms who are the primary caregivers. Symptoms such as prolonged fever, fatigue and nausea can be debilitating and last for days on end, forcing mothers to upend their lives to care for their children. Unfortunately, this is a shared experience among many moms in Kenya, where typhoid is endemic and multi-drug resistance is on the rise.

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Jun 18, 2018

HPV vaccine has almost wiped out infections in young women, figures show

The HPV vaccine has almost completely wiped out infections in young women, and if expanded to men could prevent thousands of cancer cases in Britain each year, new figures suggest. New figures from Public Health England show that the rate of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in women aged between 16 to 21 who were vaccinated between 2010 and 2016 has fallen by 86 percent.

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Jun 13, 2018

Crucial test of Ebola vaccine raises hopes, doubts in Congo

Irene Mboyo Mola spent 11 days caring for her husband as he died of Ebola in a hospital where she said nurses were too scared to get close. She helped him to the bathroom, picked up his feverish body when he lost his balance, and reinserted an IV that fell out of his bleeding arm. “He told me all he could see was death,” recalls Mola, a 30-year-old mother of six, as she sat slumped on the floor in her small hut.

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Jun 11, 2018

How to measure digital interventions in development

It’s a familiar question for anyone working in development — whether setting up a savings club for young mothers or a public awareness campaign to encourage HIV testing — how do you know if it’s working? This big question has even more relevance now that many development organizations are turning to digital products to reach and engage program participants.

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Jun 4, 2018

A new push for a universal flu vaccine

If all goes according to plan, the annual flu shot protects about 60 percent of vaccinated people. This year’s inoculation, of course, fell far short of such expectations, safeguarding only one in four vaccinated people who encountered the dominant H3N2 strain. This shortfall injected further momentum into the push to create a universal vaccine that protects against many flu types over time.

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