Webinar: Introduction to OpenHIE and Interoperability for National Information Systems

Aug 5, 2015


The Better Immunization Data Learning Network (BLN) recently held a webinar entitled “Introduction to OpenHIE and Interoperability for National Information Systems”. The presentation gave an introduction to the OpenHIE community, the concept of interoperability between solutions and showed how these patterns have been used in a national scale information system in South Africa, including linking systems to exchange data to DHIS.

This webinar should be of interest to both technical and non-technical personnel with an interest in improving national information systems. Join our seasoned speakers, Dr Chris Seebregts, Carl Fourie, and Pierre Dane.

If you missed our virtual event, view the webinar below. Please reference these slides which include updated information from our partners.

Presenter Information

Chris Seebregts, PhD – CEO Jembi Health System

Dr Chris Seebregts is a health professional with advanced degrees in biomedical science, computer science and information systems. He has been working in health informatics for more than eighteen years with extensive experience developing and implementing computerized applications in low resource environments in Africa. He is a leading health informatics expert in Africa and consults widely for international organizations. He plays a leadership role in several international health informatics initiatives, including the Open Medical Record System (openmrs.org) and the Open Health Information Exchange (ohie.org). In 2008, he founded Jembi Health Systems, a South African non-profit company devoted to the development of global health informatics in Africa.

Carl Fourie BSc (Hons)

Programs Development Manager Carl Fourie started his career field of Health Informatics as a consultant with Dr Chris Seebregts at the MRC and later joined Jembi Health Systems as one of the original members. He is the program manager for the OpenHIE project within Jembi as well as Jembi’s Blood Systems Strengthening Program (BSSP). In addition he is responsible for new programs and project development with the Jembi team with particular focus on interoperable solutions and the application of the OpenHIE patterns. His interest and research areas include the fields of research methodologies, standards in health information systems, capacity development for developing countries, modelling of knowledge domains for expert systems, Health Enterprise Architecture development and frameworks and the application of innovative

Pierre Dane

Pierre is the Development Manager at Jembi Health Systems and has been involved in software development, data warehousing, development and architecture for over 15 years. He has worked for a variety of tech companies around the world, including Life Healthcare, MySpace.com and Struq.com. At these companies he gained experience with massive scaling of web applications and databases, and has brought this knowledge home to South Africa to use in public health systems. Pierre has worked at Jembi Health Systems since February 2014 and is responsible for the MomConnect backend architecture and the national DHIS2 implementation in Mozambique, and is involved in a host of other projects in the eHealth space.

Dr Chilunga Puta

Chilunga Puta, Director of the BLN, is an infectious disease research and public health practitioner with in excess of 20 years of experience working in developing country health care settings. She has held diverse technical and administrative positions that have enabled her to acquire a wide range of skills and in-depth understanding of developing economy health care systems. Dr Puta holds BSc joint honours in Biochemistry and Microbiology, a PhD in Biochemistry, an MPH with a major in Disease Surveillance, and is a Certified Quality Improvement Associate of the American Society for Quality.

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