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The 2017 Global Digital Health Forum – Celebrating new ways of thinking for global digital health

Nov 27, 2017

The annual Global Digital Health Forum is scheduled for December 4-6th in Washington DC.  Though the Forum features amazing presentations every year, one of the most valuable aspects of this event is having the world’s digital health implementers, donors, and champions in one space.  The dialogue and strong relationship building between ministries of health leaders, technical developers, and other players in our field is what makes this conference special. 

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BLN Focuses on Immunization Registry Development in Ghana

Jun 1, 2016

This week, the BLN is in Accra, Ghana for the third Design Collaborative Meeting. At this meeting, participants will learn from their peers’ experiences in developing and operating national health information systems and registries.

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National Electronic Immunization Registry Inception Meeting

Jan 19, 2015

In late 2014, the BID initiative and Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW), through its Immunization and Vaccine Development (IVD) program, agreed to develop a national electronic immunization registry. The BID Initiative contracted IntraHealth to develop this intervention, which will help solve prioritized immunization challenges including the inaccurate denominator, lack of unique identification for children, inability to trace defaulters or unvaccinated children, and lack of data visibility across all levels of the health system.

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RFP for Electronic Immunization Registry Development in Tanzania

Nov 6, 2014

The BID Initiative will introduce information system products and immunization practices that can be tested in Tanzania and Zambia, packaged for dissemination and then deployed at scale in many countries. To accomplish this, we have submitted a request for proposal for Electronic Immunization Registry Development in Tanzania.

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The BID Learning Network Launches in Kigali, Rwanda

Jul 9, 2014

The BID Learning Network officially launched in Kigali, Rwanda on May 28-30th and brought together delegates from 13 different countries (Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, and Zambia) as well as international partners (WHO, UNICEF, and GAVI) to connect and discuss strategies for strengthening national immunization programs.

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