December 7-9, 2020

PATH at the 2020 Global Digital Health Forum

Every year, the Global Digital Health Forum provides an opportunity for PATH and its partners to come together, share our work, and build a thriving community of digital health practitioners. We all know this year has been different. Instead of gathering in person, the 2020 Global Digital Health Forum is an all-virtual convening.

In some ways, this is an example of how the digital health community can live up to its promise: expanding the conversation to include more perspectives and reach a wider audience by leveraging digital technologies. So, it’s fitting that this year’s theme is “Digital Health – Making it work for everyone.”

Sessions will tackle hard questions about how to make digital health sustainable, understanding inequities in the sector, and reaching communities with limited connectivity. PATH will share experiences from our work with the BID Learning Network, the Data Use Partnership, Digital Square, and many other projects.

To hear from PATH, join us for the following sessions:

Monday, December 7

Networking for the common good: The network of networks
Featured speaker: Dr. Chilunga Puta, Director of the BID Learning Network
7:45am-9am (ET) | (Session description)

The hidden cost of free: Exploring the challenge of sustainability for global goods
Featured speaker: Carl Fourie, Deputy Director for Global Goods, Digital Square at PATH
9:30am-10:45am (ET) | (Session description)

Building a strong digital health ecosystem: Government insights on Tanzania’s digital journey
Featured speaker: Dr. Seif Rashid, Director of the Data Use Partnership
9:30am-10:45am (ET) | (Session description)

A groundbreaking COVID-19 vaccine will need a groundbreaking supply chain
Featured speaker: Dr. Joseph Kayaya, Lead Product Manager, Living Labs Zambia
11am-12pm (ET)

Exploring digital public good alignment and vetting: How WHO, UNICEF, and Digital Square are coordinating for the digital health community
Featured speaker: Amanda BenDor, Manager of Partnerships and Community Engagement, Digital Square at PATH
12pm1:15pm (ET) | (Session description)

Secondary data use architecture: Standardize, scalable solutions
Featured speaker: Dr. Carl Leitner, Technical Director, Digital Square at PATH
1:30pm-2:45pm (ET) | (Session description)

Why is ROI so hard for digital health for global health decision makers?
Featured speaker: Tara Herrick, Senior Market Dynamics Officer
1:30pm-2:45pm (ET) | (Session description)

Tuesday, December 8

Leveraging digital tools for surveillance of infectious disease
Featured speakers: Papa Alioune Sokhna, Technical Officer, PATH Senegal and Sira Thiam, Program Coordinator
6am-7:15am (ET) | (Session description)

How to sustain immunization service delivery during a pandemic: the role of electronic immunization registries
Featured speakers: Saumu Juma, Project Coordinator and Communications Officer
7:15am-7:22 am (ET) | (Session description)

Costing and sustainability planning for digital health
Featured speaker: Skye Gilbert, Executive Director, Digital Square at PATH
10:30am-11:45am (ET) | (Session description)

Reflection: Is global digital health becoming more diverse and equitable?
Featured speaker: Amanda BenDor, Manager of Partnerships and Community Engagement, Digital Square at PATH
7:45 am-9 am (ET) | (Session description)

Wednesday, December 9

Where there are no screens: Realities of digital learning for family planning in low-resource settings
Featured speakers: Allen Namagembe, Evaluation Manager and Alain Kabore, Regional Technical Advisor
7:45am – 9:00am (ET) | (Session description)

Find the full agenda for the 2020 Global Digital Health Forum here.