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The Principles

The BID Initiative principles were inspired by the Greentree Principles of 2010, the UNICEF Innovation Principles of 2009, the UK Design Principles and the ICT4D principles  of 2014. This version has been endorsed by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and our country partners.

Coordinated approach.

Coordinate with other key initiatives and organizations to collaborate on and/or share experiences to strengthen national immunization systems and integrated delivery of care.

Country ownership and capacity development.

Focus on countries’ primary ownership and responsibilities for establishing good governance and for providing effective, high-quality immunization services for all, as well as identifying and addressing capacity-building needs.


Where possible, coordinate closely with existing systems to develop modules aligned with information system dependencies.


Leverage the latest learning and technology to ensure the design of innovative solutions.


Consider the solutions’ need for long-term sustainability throughout its development process and the work with demonstration countries.


Remain committed to openness and include promotion and use of open architecture, industry-based standards and transparent, shared processes and methodologies. Openly share requirements and other technology knowledge components.

Strategic reuse.

Organize to extract reusable components from appropriate projects and build new, shared components and platforms, as required.

Research, monitoring, and evaluation.

Contribute to the body of knowledge that informs future investment through utilization-focused research.

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