PRISM Tools for Assessing, Monitoring, and Evaluating RHIS Performance

Mar 1, 2010


  PRISM Framework and its tools applications have expanded since 2004. Now it has been applied in Pakistan, Uganda, South Africa, Mexico, Paraguay, Honduras, Haiti, China and Cote d’Ivore for assessment and evaluation. It has been applied in diverse countries of Africa, Asia, Latin America and Caribbean continents. While these applications showed the strengths and appropriateness of PRISM Framework and its tools in identifying strengths and weaknesses of the routine information systems, they brought some challenges to attention. First, to make a distinction between RHIS performance indicators – accuracy, timeliness and completeness, from their counterpart processes. Second, to keep minimum variables in various tools for triangulation of information to avoid respondent’s burden of filling the details. Third, better measurement of use of information. Thus, there was a need to revise the PRISM tools. Uganda PRISM evaluation in 2007 for testing its reliability and validity also helped to make the revisions.

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