Digital immunization registry: Evidence for the impact of mHealth on enhancing the immunization system and improving immunization coverage for children under one year old in Vietnam

Aug 15, 2017

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The Vietnam National Expanded Program on Immunization (NEPI) has been successfully implementing a nationwide immunization system since 1985. From the start, the program has increased the immunization coverage rate; however, data on immunization coverage in Vietnam are gathered and aggregated from commune health centers in routine, paper-based reports, which have shortcomings. Also, calculations of coverage are inconsistent at subnational levels, which lead to uncertainty about the size of the target population used as the denominator in coverage calculations. The growth of mobile networks in Vietnam provides an opportunity to apply mHealth to improve the immunization program. In 2012, PATH and the Vietnam NEPI developed and piloted a digital immunization registry, ImmReg, to overcome the challenges of the paper system. A final evaluation was conducted in 2015 to assess the impact of ImmReg, including its use of SMS reminders, on improving the immunization program. Read the full article in the mHealth Journal here.

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