BLN Discussion Meeting Report & Presentations, 7-11 December 2015

Feb 10, 2016

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The December Discussion Meeting held in Arusha, Tanzania is designed to be hands on and highly participatory events that become a rich learning experience for all attendees. In this report and the presentations, we share some of the discussions around strategies and approaches to improving data, quality, and use among participating countries and include highlights around the progress made in BID demonstration countries (Tanzania and Zambia), the successes and challenges they have had, and the way forward. A selection of presentations from the meeting are available below.

BLN Discussion Meeting Report - December 2015
Download File: pdf (650 KB)

Short Course: Change Management
Download File: pdf (740 KB)

Short Course: Logistics Management Information System - integration and interoperability
Download File: pdf (1.1 MB)

The BID Initiative Overview: Progress, Challenges & Opportunities
Download File: pdf (1.3 MB)

The BID Learning Network Overview
Download File: pdf (897 KB)

BID Symposium: Tanzania
Download File: pdf (3.8 MB)

BID Symposium: Zambia
Download File: pdf (1.4 MB)

Design Country Demonstration Session: Ghana Health Service Health Information Exchange
Download File: pdf (2.3 MB)

Immunization System Priorities: Expanding and Learning Overivew
Download File: pdf (638 KB)

Immunization System Priorities: USAID
Download File: pdf (2 MB)

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