BID Initiative Scale Theory of Change – Literature Review

May 1, 2015

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The BID Initiative has a vision to empower countries to enhance immunization and overall health service delivery through improved data collection, quality, and use. The goal is to design a replicable and sustainable solution by taking an approach that brings together information system products, data management policies, and the practices of people that use them, to be tested in a few countries and packaged to deploy at scale in many. The BID Initiative also has embedded within it a peer learning network, the BID Learning Network (BLN), that is intended to accelerate diffusion of knowledge, ideas, lessons learned, and innovations arising out of the BID Initiative activities and that of other entities involved in similar endeavours. This literature review is intended to support the development of a theory of change model that will enable effective monitoring and evaluation of the activities related to the goal of scaling up, and will review theories of scaling, peer learning, networking, and diffusion.

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