Webinar: Logistics management system in The Gambia

Oct 28, 2015


The Better Immunization Data Learning Network (BLN) recently held a webinar entitled, “Logistics management system in The Gambia.” The presentation provided an overview of The Gambia, one of the countries with the best immunization coverage in the West African region. The country has one functional walk-in cold room at the central level and five regional stores serving 65 health facilities with an under-one year target population of about 80,000. Uninterrupted vaccine supply and cold chain system has been the ultimate goal of the immunization programme. The webinar covered the unique nature of the country’s immunization logistics management system, including a discussion of The Gambia’s vaccine and logistics distribution systems and the accompanying data harmonisation process.

This webinar should be of interest to both technical and non-technical personnel with an interest in vaccine delivery and logistics management for immunization programs.

If you missed our virtual event, view the webinar below.

Webinar: Logistics Management System and in The Gambia from BID Initiative on Vimeo.

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