Q&A with the BID Learning Network Director: Part 1

Aug 21, 2014

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Tanzania, Zambia

The BID Initiative’s success will be driven by country engagement. We’re partnering with a core group of EPI and eHealth leaders from across Africa through a peer-learning mechanism called the BID Learning Network (BLN), designed to foster continuous learning and communication among countries committed to improving timely access to high-quality immunization data for informed decision making. The BLN will collectively help design, demonstrate, and discuss potential solutions; understand potential challenges; and provide continuous feedback on the BID Initiative’s overall direction.

As the BID Initiative rapidly expands its team to gear up for country implementation, we welcome Chilunga Puta who will serve as director of the BLN, based in Zambia. We recently sat down with Chilunga to learn more about her role and what she looks forward to as she steps into this critical position. Stay tuned for part two of her Q&A series where Chilunga will share her thoughts and insight around the importance of peer learning and how the BLN is critical to success.

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