BLN Webinar: Explaining Health Enterprise Architecture

Jul 17, 2014

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The Better Immunization Data Initiative Learning Network (BLN) recently hosted a webinar which outlined the basics for understanding and developing health enterprise architecture.

Aimed at both technical and non-technical participants, the talk walked through, in plain language, what enterprise architecture is, why it is important, and how ministries of health can leverage straightforward techniques to develop a national-scale blueprint to guide their ICT investments.

In case you missed the virtual event, you can view the webinar, “Explaining Health Enterprise Architecture.”

Presenter Information:

Derek Ritz

Derek Ritz is the principal at ecGroup Inc., a boutique eHealth consultancy based in Canada. Mr. Ritz is a trusted senior advisor to international public and private sector clients regarding health enterprise architecture, eHealth strategy, systems implementation and adoption.

Liz Peloso

Liz Peloso is the director of the BID Initiative. Ms. Peloso has over two decades of experience in a variety of healthcare settings, which includes a broad and varied background that has enabled her to develop a diverse set of skills and experience in a wide variety of health system roles. In addition to tactical experience, she is a Registered Nurse (with over 10 years of clinical experience and a specialty in International Medicine), holds a BA in Information Systems and Human Behavior and a MSc in Health Informatics with a focus on broad-scale change management related to health information system implementations and adoption.

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