BLN Webinar: DHIS2 Data Quality Application for Data Use Culture

Apr 8, 2020

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The BID Learning Network invites you to watch a webinar panel discussion on “DHIS2 Data Quality Application for Data Use Culture.” Global and national stakeholders have acknowledged that routine immunization programs face significant challenges related to the collection, analysis, availability, and use of data for planning, management and improvement of program performance. To address these data challenges, the World Health Organization (WHO) worked with HISP to develop a DHIS2 data quality application suitable for countries. In this webinar, learn from speakers about what are data quality apps, how they work, who uses apps, why they are important, how they address data use issues, and how to install the apps. Speakers also cover what countries qualify for data quality apps and what procedures are needed to use the DHIS2 apps. The presenter will also share insights about DHIS2 and share lesson learned from countries using DHIS2 data quality apps.

This webinar discussion will be of interest to data management specialists, EPI managers, health management information system (HMIS) specialists, digital health solution implementers, and other health care specialists committed to improving data collection, quality, and use across health systems.

If you missed the virtual event, you can now view the webinar online.


Ismael Yusuf Kolelleni

Ismael Yusuf Kolelleni is the DHIS2 implementation advisor at HISP Tanzania. He has 10 years of experience in development and implementation of health information systems using DHIS2 software in East and Southern African countries, supporting both government and non-government systems. His areas of expertise are software development, data analytics, and information use as well as capacity building.  Ismail holds a master’s of science degree in health informatics.

Catherine Muyawala

Catherine Muyawala is the BID Learning Network community coordinator at PATH. She is a knowledge management specialist with more than 20 years of experience in information management, including coordinating communities of practice. She has held various knowledge management related portfolios in diverse sectors, including public health.

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