A health worker’s journey: Oliver’s life after the BID Initiative

Feb 20, 2019

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Oliver is a nurse in a busy, urban facility. She’d spend hours sifting through dense registry books to find which children were due for vaccination and ensuring she had enough stock. Once kids were immunized, Oliver and her team worked nights and weekends to report to the district. Unfortunately, the data went up, but rarely came back to help Oliver improve services. Through the BID Initiative, Oliver is a connected health worker motivated to use data to make her job easier. Now, she simply scans or enters a child’s ID through a health card’s barcode sticker and enters the vaccines given into an electronic immunization registry. During weekly team meetings, Oliver uses data to project how many kids they’ll see, how much vaccine they’ll need, and which kids they missed from the previous week. Through the system’s automated reporting, Oliver spends more time providing care and less time reporting to the district. Oliver also uses simple tools to connect with peers in nearby facilities for support and advice. The BID Initiative is designed to enable Oliver to do her job better. Using the power of data, Oliver now makes better decisions around how to deliver services and reach more children. View the infographic.

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