27th October, 2016 1600hrs to 1700hrs CAT (Central African Time) [or 1400 hours -1500 hours GMT].

Webinar: VaxTrac Benin Study Visit – Reflections and Lessons Learned

The BID Learning Network (BLN) invites you to view a webinar entitled “VaxTrac Benin Study Visit: Reflections and Lessons Learned.”

During this webinar VaxTrac presents on common themes and implementation/scale-up challenges that were identified during the recent BLN Study Visit to Benin conducted between 11th and 16th July 2016. VaxTrac shares some of their relevant end-line evaluation results to show how challenges identified during the Study Visit have since been addressed, in addition to the lessons they have learned in the process of transitioning from an in-country office implementation model to a third-party support model.

If you missed our virtual event, you can now see the recorded webinar.

Presenter Information  

Mr. Aly Azhar

Mr. Aly Azhar is the Program Associate for the Partnership Development and Program Management Team at VaxTrac. He works to provide day-to-day support to VaxTrac partners in Benin, Sierra Leone and Senegal, and works on related partnership prospecting and program implementation initiatives.

Dr Chilunga Puta

Chilunga Puta, Director of the BLN, is an infectious disease research and public health practitioner with in excess of 20 years of experience working in developing country health care settings. She has held diverse technical and administrative positions that have enabled her to acquire a wide range of skills and in-depth understanding of developing economy health care systems. Dr Puta holds BSc joint honours in Biochemistry and Microbiology, a PhD in Biochemistry, an MPH with a major in Disease Surveillance, and is a Certified Quality Improvement Associate of the American Society for Quality.