23rd June, 2016 4PM - 5PM CAT

Webinar: Scaling Up Registries: The OpenMRS Opportunity

The BID Learning Network (BLN) invites you to view a webinar entitled “Scaling Up Registries: The OpenMRS Opportunity”.

The promise of digital technologies has seen multiple systems and millions of dollars invested for health information system in Sub-Saharan Africa. After overcoming barriers of infrastructure, technology, and connectivity, few of these systems have been able to directly impact patient care. Data use decision making in low from these systems. As the momentum of implementing national registries for data management and use increases, there are opportunities to leverage the existing investment in systems to either act as registries or contribute data to registries. One such opportunity is the use of OpenMRS to build registries and electronic medical records with a potential for scalability.

This webinar describes:

  • OpenMRS and its role as an innovation platform.
  • Pillars of informatics at a country level and where OpenMRS and other systems fit in.
  • Proposed architecture of a local, regional, and national level shared registry / shared health record.
  • Resources for participants to educate themselves on basic concepts around HIS (health information system).

This webinar should be of interest to professionals keen on improving health information systems in general, and registries or electronic medical records in particular.

If you  missed our virtual event, you can now see the recorded webinar. Note that the webinar was presented in English. View a French translation of the webinar.

Presenter Information

Dr. Judy Gichoya

Dr. Judy Gichoya is a medical doctor from Kenya who has worked with OpenMRS for the last eight years in various countries. OpenMRS is the largest Open source medical records system used in over 42 countries with one of the most vibrant worldwide communities in Open source. Her passion is appropriate use of technology to impact clinical care. Her experience with OpenMRS is as a developer, community member, and implementer in various African and Latin America countries.  For more on her scope and interest, read her blog at Gichoya.me or on Twitter @judywawira.

Dr. Chilunga Puta

Dr. Chilunga Puta, Director of the BLN, is an infectious disease research and public health practitioner with in excess of 20 years of experience working in developing country health care settings. She has held diverse technical and administrative positions that have enabled her to acquire a wide range of skills and in-depth understanding of developing economy health care systems. Dr. Puta holds BSc joint honours in Biochemistry and Microbiology, a PhD in Biochemistry, an MPH with a major in Disease Surveillance, and is a Certified Quality Improvement Associate of the American Society for Quality.