17 June 2015 at 1600 CAT

Webinar: Building real-time LMIS for the vaccine supply chain in Nigeria

The Better Immunization Data Learning Network (BLN) recently held a webinar entitled “Building real-time LMIS for the vaccine supply chain in Nigeria”.

This webinar focused on building an LMIS for vaccine supply in Nigeria with an aim to acquiring a simple but impactful system. The speakers shared the stepwise approach they undertook and how they redesigned their system, adopting automation where it made sense. They discussed the challenges they faced, how they addressed them and the important lessons they have learned in the process of implementation.

This webinar should be of interest to both technical and non-technical personnel with intention to build practical and contextually appropriate LMIS for vaccine supply in a developing context with a multiplicity of partners and funding sources.

Please view the presentation for the webinar here.


Presenter Information

Dr. MZ Mahmud

Dr. Mahmud is currently the director of the department of logistics and health commodities with National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA). He holds a degree in Medicine and a Master’s degree in Public Health. Dr. Mahmud has been active in the public health sector especially in the immunization space for the last 16 years, private sector for 13 years prior and has participated in formulating, designing, managing, monitoring and evaluating immunization programmes. He has a vison to ensure that Nigeria meets all her goals as enshrined in the 2013-2015 National Strategic Routine Immunization Plan (NSRIP) for which he was at the forefront of designing.

Pharm. Inuwa Yau

Inuwa Yau is a public health specialist with 14 years of experience in immunization, primary healthcare, and drug revolving fund management. He holds a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and a Master’s degree in International Health. Inuwa’s work has been with National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA) where he worked in country-level immunization activities. He served as national focal point that oversaw the development and implementation of stock performance management dashboard. Inuwa recently joined UNICEF Nigeria as an Immunization Specialist.

Michelle Arnot-Kruger

Michelle is a pharmacist with an MBA, and leads UNICEF Nigeria’s Cold Chain & Logistics work. She has worked in several African countries, in both the public and private sector, and more recently transitioned into the development space. Her most recent work in Nigeria includes driving supply chain performance where she utilizes her team which is networked in all 37 states and 6 zones across the country. She is passionate about immunization and health programs.

Dr. Chilunga Puta

Dr. Chilunga Puta, Director of the BLN, is an infectious disease research and public health practitioner with in excess of 20 years of experience working in developing country health care settings. She has held diverse technical and administrative positions that have enabled her to acquire a wide range of skills and in-depth understanding of developing economy health care systems. Dr. Puta holds a BSc joint honors in Biochemistry and Microbiology, a PhD in Biochemistry, an MPH with a major in Disease Surveillance, and is a Certified Quality Improvement Associate of the American Society for Quality.