7 to 11 December, 2015

BID Learning Network Meeting in Arusha, Tanzania

Please note, attendance at the BLN meeting is by invitation only.

The Better Immunization Data Initiative Learning Network (BLN) meeting will be hosted in Arusha, Tanzania, from 7 to 11 December, 2015.

The BID Initiative’s work embraces and extends existing information system products, practices, policies, and investments made by donors and national governments wherever possible. Through the BLN, the BID Initiative promotes learning among peers and provides opportunities for creative, collective thinking and innovation between countries that share common problems in immunization service delivery.

It is a principle of the BID Initiative to coordinate with other key initiatives and organizations to collaborate on and/or share experiences to strengthen national immunization programs and integrated delivery of care. Consequently, the BLN hosts events to enable this interaction and this four-day meeting to be held in Arusha is intended to bring partners, funding agencies, and country participants together. The meeting will include 15 countries (approximately 30 participants) from West, East, and Southern Africa.

The objectives of the meeting are to:

  • Disseminate progress, challenges, and opportunities in BID Initiative demonstration countries
  • Explore options for packaging BID Initiative Interventions for scaling in other regions and countries
  • Receive updates on health information systems and data use policies and practices from design countries
  • Learn about donor priorities and facilitate donor/country interactions
  • Ascertain appropriateness and value addition of BLN activities from meeting participants
  • Recognize and share performance, excellence, and innovation of country participants

The meeting will give participants an opportunity to interact with other peers, be exposed to what is happening in like countries, and share insights around their country’s immunization information systems, data use practices, and the lessons they have learned. It is anticipated that the meeting will afford a platform for a rich exchange of knowledge, experiences, and ideas that will enable collaborative links between peers from different countries in support of improved data quality, collection, and use in participating countries.

We will offer a pre-meeting day of short courses in the areas of immunization registries, supply chain, and change management. A detailed training agenda will be forwarded in advance. National participants will also have an opportunity to interact with key funding agencies to discuss progress and possible areas of overlap.