30 May - 2 June, 2016 (Accra, Ghana)

BID Learning Network Design Collaborative Meeting

The BID Initiative invites BID Learning Network (BLN) country partners to join our next Design Collaborative Meeting from the 30th May to 2nd June, 2016, in Accra, Ghana. The meeting will bring together multiple African countries from West, East, and Southern Africa to:

  • Receive technical updates on initiatives related to immunization registry development in the African region and have in-depth discussions on innovative approaches to designing immunization registries for the African context.
  • Receive updates on registry development in BID demonstration countries, including the generation of key recommendations for reported challenges and bottlenecks.
  • Review and appropriate relevant lessons learned in registry development from beyond Africa.
  • Have the opportunity to engage with external experts in registry development.

NOTE: This meeting is by invitation only. If you are interested in getting involved with the BID Initiative, please join our Google Groups to voice your ideas and join our discussions.