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Year in review: BID Initiative, April 2016-March 2017 Annual Report

By Celina Kareiva, Communications Associate, BID Initiative

May 4, 2017

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As we head into our fifth and final year of the BID Initiative, we want to share our progress with you and look ahead to the many milestones we still have left to celebrate. We’re pleased to share our 2016-17 Annual Report.

BID solutions are now being implemented in Tanzania and Zambia, and because country ownership has always been central to our efforts, we are working closely with governments in both countries to plan for the scale-up and sustainability of data quality and use interventions.

In Tanzania, we completed our first demonstration region in Arusha and are expanding our reach by rolling out to the Tanga and Kilimanjaro regions. Both regions are more rural than Arusha and provide an opportunity to apply our learnings to new geographic contexts and health systems. In Tanzania, more than 250 health facilities are using BID solutions and more than 81,000 children have been successfully entered into BID’s electronic immunization registry, as of March 2017.

Meanwhile, Zambia is preparing to launch an immunization registry of its own, in an exciting partnership with Ona. The results of the data use interventions rolled out earlier this year are already tangible. Veronica Mutila, nurse in charge at Dambwa North in Livingstone, Zambia says: “Immediately, I saw the importance of data in a way I’d never seen before.” Veronica and her colleagues are using the tools introduced by BID to spot errors in their health records and to calculate nurse-to-patient ratios in busy, high-volume facilities.

This next year presents many new and exciting partnerships. We are working, for instance, with the World Health Organization to develop a digital health toolkit, detailing our process and best practices for future health data initiatives. And the BID Learning Network continues to grow, through a series of study visits, a grant program, and monthly webinars.

As we look ahead to our final year, we encourage you to read our annual report. You can also follow our journey through our website, quarterly e-newsletter, blog, and our interactive demonstration country map, which details our progress facility-by-facility. Join us!


Annual Report April 2016-March 2017

Rapport Annuel Avril 2016–Mars 2017


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