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A Sister With Polio, My Children Will Never Miss An Immunization

Apr 23, 2015

“I am very committed when it comes to immunization, I make sure all my children are immunized according to the schedule and no one misses a vaccination,” explained Fathiya Mohammed, a mother of three children. I met Fathiya at Kaloleni Health Facility in the Arusha region where she brought her 6 week-old baby, Samir Ally, for his first round of vaccinations. Also with her, were her two other daughters, Samira and Salha.

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Better Data, Better Advocacy

Feb 11, 2015

At DefeatDD, we can appreciate the need for strong immunization data. In fact, it was this priority that gave birth to the DefeatDD initiative and our integrated approach to defeating diarrheal disease. Let me back up a few steps.

About eight years ago, PATH and our partners were intensively evaluating then-new rotavirus vaccines’ performance in the countries where the disease hits hardest. We also were helping conduct pivotal surveillance that showed the magnitude of rotavirus morbidity and mortality in the developing world, as well as their potential cost-effectiveness and logistical implications when introduced into national immunization programs. Another part of our role was to share these data and put them in context for Ministers of Health to help inform their decisions when rotavirus vaccines ultimately became available and accessible through WHO prequalification.

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