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Tanzania migrates data from TIIS to TImR

Feb 7, 2018

Progress and growth is often a nonlinear process. Sometimes it’s accompanied by significant gains and great leaps forward, and other times it is slow and steady. In keeping with this trajectory, the BID Initiative’s mission to improve data quality and data use in Tanzania and Zambia has – at times – been a rollercoaster of a ride. But both our successes and challenges have helped us get to where we are today.

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Unleashing Digital Health to Save Lives

Dec 8, 2016

At PATH, our digital health work spans the entire software development lifecycle from analysis of information systems to deployment and long-term use of those systems. We work across health areas, such as immunization, supply chain, maternal and child health, and insurance to identify and address information management needs and improve data-driven decision-making.

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Learning Fast, Moving Ahead

Jul 11, 2016

Last year, the BID Initiative began the implementation phase in Arusha City district in Tanzania, rolling out BID solutions to 48 immunization health facilities — 33 facilities using the new electronic immunization registry and 14 low-volume facilities using the simplified paper version.

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Using Better Data to Protect More Kids

Apr 25, 2016

Did we vaccinate all the children we intended to this month? How many children do we expect next month and will we have enough vaccine supply in stock? How are we performing in terms of service provision?

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Balancing Low & High Tech Solutions

Mar 30, 2016

The BID Initiative is not a technology project. From the beginning, we have stressed this important point among our global partners, country governments and with health workers. But why is this so paramount in our approach?

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UAG Tests the Immunization Registry in Zambia

Mar 17, 2016

All software developers know that for a system to be truly useful, it must be accepted by the users. In February, after months of development, the BID Initiative Zambia hit the road for the first ever user testing with the User Advisory Group (UAG) to get a sense of how the immunization registry performed with the people who will actually be using it.

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Meeting participants receive a demonstration of the immunization registry system.

A Coordinated, User-Centered Approach

Sep 23, 2015

The BID Initiative is country-owned and country-led. We didn’t predefine solutions and instead partnered with the Tanzanian government to develop interventions addressing some of the most pressing routine immunization service delivery problems.

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First Look at Packaging BID Initiative Solutions

Sep 3, 2015

Where do we start in addressing challenges faced by immunization programs? This is a question global health stakeholders are faced with every day. The BID Initiative aims to tackle this challenge through a “package” of solutions that will work in multiple country contexts. We are seeking to deploy an easily consumable and adaptable package of policies, practices, and products for use by individuals, organizations, and countries looking for resources to help get started (and keep going) in addressing immunization data, quality and use problems. This package is the mechanism through which the BID theory, and the research behind it, can be made actionable, providing the direction and documentation needed to implement impactful immunization system interventions.

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The District Weighs in on Data Dashboards

Aug 26, 2015

During a recent trip to Tanzania, I observed firsthand the BID Initiative’s progress in health facilities in and around Arusha. The familiarity nurses had with the newly introduced tablets, their ability to navigate through the electronic immunization registry and the adaptation of their work flow to account for the new technologies, including paper tools, within their health facilities were all highly encouraging. I also heard about some of the existing and new challenges they are experiencing, such as the hesitation of some mothers to affix a barcode to their child’s health card.

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Betting on Better Data

Aug 18, 2015

When you mention innovation, most people immediately think of the latest app that tracks daily life with pinpoint precision, or costly new technologies like Google Glass that just a decade ago would have been considered impossible.

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