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My early memories led to a life serving others

Aug 17, 2016

My most vivid memories of my early childhood are twofold: lying on a hospital bed with my legs in the air, and watching my younger brother draw his last breath as a result of severe hot water burns he suffered during his hospitalization in what was then Northern Rhodesia. According to my parents, I should not have remembered these instances as I was less than five years old at the time, but these memories remain crystal clear.

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Simple Interventions Keep our Children Healthy

Jul 6, 2016

Sitting in his office in Lusaka, Dr. Francis Mwansa smiles. “I decided early in my career that I wanted to give back to the community as soon as possible because I might not have the chance later in life.” The desire to give back to his community changed the trajectory of this young doctor’s career, but brought something special to Zambia’s health service.

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Opportunities for Home-Based Immunization Records

Apr 9, 2015

The BID Initiative is on the brink of implementing a national electronic immunization system in Tanzania while countries yet to implement such a system often turn to home-based records for immunization programs. With scarce public health resources and the need for accurate data on immunization coverage, home-based records can be an effective way to track if children are receiving the vaccines they need. However, is there a need for a more durable, coordinated system for home-based records?

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Overcoming Supply Chain Bottlenecks at the Community Level

Feb 9, 2015

A key component in the BID Initiative approach focuses on supply chain interventions. Interventions such as barcode technology, alerts for expired vaccines and using this data in supply and inventory reports will ensure each clinic has adequate vaccine supply, the district officials have visibility into and can better manage supply levels and the community health workers are trained in supply chain management. Today, we take a look at how another organization, JSI, is Improving Supply Chains for Community Case Management (SC4CCM) through a five-year learning project.

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Good Data Use at the Local Level

Jan 21, 2015

In our quest for better data to make better decisions, we mustn’t overlook the small things. To truly understand the barriers impeding immunization outcomes, we have to work closely with the health workers and district officials to uncover reasons why some children are not getting vaccinated which might even be specific to their region or village.

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