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Tag: Immunization Data: Evidence for Action

Increasing immunization coverage requires better use of better data

Apr 2, 2019

Global funders, country policymakers, and immunization program implementers know that the use of high-quality data is a cornerstone of well-functioning immunization programs. When high-quality data is available, public health decision-makers can understand which populations are underserved and where resources can be allocated most effectively. Immunization coverage rates have improved over the past few decades, but they have plateaued around 80 percent. The challenge with reaching the last 20 percent of children is to know who they are and where they are, which requires easily accessible and accurate data along with the capacity to interpret that data to take action.

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Distilling immunization data quality and use evidence

Jun 8, 2018

Over 30 experts in immunization gathered last month in Washington D.C. for the Immunization Data: Evidence for Action (IDEA) project. IDEA’s mission is to systematically synthesize, frame, and share evidence-informed learning and data quality and use best practices that improve immunization outcomes. This workshop was critical in discussing and distilling the evidence and other promising practices into practical and usable learnings that will be shared with the larger community.

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