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Unleashing Digital Health to Save Lives

Dec 8, 2016

At PATH, our digital health work spans the entire software development lifecycle from analysis of information systems to deployment and long-term use of those systems. We work across health areas, such as immunization, supply chain, maternal and child health, and insurance to identify and address information management needs and improve data-driven decision-making.

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The Role of Paper to Digital Data Solutions

Jan 6, 2016

In response to this article by Dr. Mahad Ibrahim on the role of data during the Ebola outbreak, some interesting questions were sparked among our team. The piece evoked a lot of great insights about the opportunities and challenges the piece addresses, as well as how we see those topics evidenced in our VillageReach work.

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Digital Health at Scale: Getting Beyond Pilot Projects

Dec 9, 2014

It took almost 20 years for barcodes to be fully adopted across the grocery industry. Today they’re in use worldwide, delivering efficiency and automation on a massive scale. It took the efforts of a dedicated visionary to show the impact that a single, universal-sized shipping container would bring to the trucking and freight industry. Today, shippers around the globe can be sure that a standard-sized container will fit on the truck that delivers it to the port in Mombasa and on the truck that unloads it in Seattle.

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A Quiet Revolution: Strengthening the Routine Health Information System in Bangladesh

Dec 4, 2014

The BID Initiative is not designed to create new information system products and solutions. Instead, our aim is to embrace and extend existing systems and investments made by national governments and their cooperating partners wherever possible.

In October, we conducted a webinar on the Electronic Immunization Registry implementation in Albania. Now, we take a look at a publication: A Quiet Revolution: Strengthening the Routine Health Information System in Bangladesh to learn how the Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) used open source software to enable public health facilities to electronically report routine health information. It is our hope that by learning from what other countries have tested and implemented, we will arrive at a holistic and replicable solution that will result in strengthened immunization systems and overall health outcomes.

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Increasing Efficiency with Barcode Technology in Tanzania

Nov 21, 2014

In 2010,PATH set out to identify how low income countries could benefit from using barcode technology to improve the efficiency of the vaccine supply chain. The objective was to support the design of sustainable barcode technology to increase the efficiency and visibility of vaccine supply chain at all levels of the supply chain to facilitate decision making so Ministries of Health could achieve safety of vaccines and more efficient immunization programs.

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Product Vision for the BID Initiative is published!

Aug 29, 2014

With the inception of the BID Initiative, PATH has been working with partner countries to document a “top down” approach with a “bottom up” view. We begin with the national strategies, incorporating the current context of the users (e.g., the functional architecture) before considering the facility applications (e.g., the technical architecture) that are in use and have gained traction, and how they might tie together. Members of the BID Learning Network countries contributed to the materials contained in the BID Initiative’s product vision along with ministry representatives from the initial BID Initiative demonstration countries, Tanzania and Zambia.

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