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3 ways immunization data tools are flexing to fight COVID-19 in Africa

Apr 24, 2020

Digital and data tools and approaches first introduced to strengthen immunization services can be used to understand and curb the devastating impacts of pandemics like COVID-19.

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The District Weighs in on Data Dashboards

Aug 26, 2015

During a recent trip to Tanzania, I observed firsthand the BID Initiative’s progress in health facilities in and around Arusha. The familiarity nurses had with the newly introduced tablets, their ability to navigate through the electronic immunization registry and the adaptation of their work flow to account for the new technologies, including paper tools, within their health facilities were all highly encouraging. I also heard about some of the existing and new challenges they are experiencing, such as the hesitation of some mothers to affix a barcode to their child’s health card.

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GAVI’s Data for Management Strategy

Aug 26, 2014

This summer Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance launched a set of supply chain initiatives that complement and support the work being done as part of the BID Initiative. Early this month, UNICEF hosted meetings at its New York offices as part of the Data for Management (D4M) initiative designed to support countries in the development of dashboards for key supply chain indicators. I had the pleasure of participating in the meetings and look forward to testing the concepts with the teams in Tanzania and Zambia over the coming weeks and gather additional input from the BID Learning Network.

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