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RFP for Electronic Immunization Registry Development in Zambia

By Tara Newton, Communications Associate, BID Initiative

Jul 14, 2015

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We are pleased to announce the release of the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the Better Immunization Data (BID) Initiative Electronic Immunization Registry Development in Zambia.

The BID Initiative is introducing information system products and immunization practices that can be tested in Zambia, packaged for dissemination, and then deployed at scale in many countries through our BID Learning Network.  We will invest in existing information system products and investments already made by donors and national governments in immunization best practices wherever possible.

We are seeking proposals from qualified vendors to provide software development services to cover identified gaps of preselected immunization registries and fulfill the requirements of Zambia’s Ministry of Community Development, Mother, and Child Health (MCDMCH). The immunization registry is to be scaled nationally and help manage the routine immunization of approximately 782,000 new children born every year as well as any carryover from the previous year.

Zambia’s MCDMCH has strengthened its immunization programs, yet systemic problems such as identifying the under-vaccinated and unvaccinated children continue to stall efforts. Zambia continues to face challenges related to data quality and has identified a few of the challenges such as: incomplete or untimely data, multiple vertical data collection systems, complex data collection forms and tools, insufficient supply chains and logistics management, inadequate data management and use capacity throughout all levels of the health system, inaccurate or uncertain denominators for calculating immunization rates, difficulty identifying children who do not start immunization or who drop out (defaulter tracing), and poor data and stock visibility into supplies at the facility level to district level.

Additional details and requirements are identified in the RFP. Interested parties are requested to review the RFP below and confirm their interest no later than July 17, 2015.

Download the RFP (2 MB PDF)

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