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Product Vision for the BID Initiative is published!

By Brian Taliesin, product and development packaging lead, the BID Initiative

Aug 29, 2014

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With the inception of the BID Initiative, PATH has been working with partner countries to document a “top down” approach with a “bottom up” view. We begin with the national strategies, incorporating the current context of the users (e.g., the functional architecture) before considering the facility applications (e.g., the technical architecture) that are in use and have gained traction, and how they might tie together. Members of the BID Learning Network countries contributed to the materials contained in the BID Initiative’s product vision along with ministry representatives from the initial BID Initiative demonstration countries, Tanzania and Zambia. The document can be downloaded, here.

Through a series of seven chapters, the BID Initiative’s product vision leads you through the steps of how we’ve begun to organize the various country processes associated with immunization information systems and the associated information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure that can support the ministry of health’s vision and requirements. This document is not intended to be a definitive description of any single country’s health enterprise architecture (EA), although the demonstration countries have had a good deal of influence, and are helping us with a starting point. Ideally, you can use this as a toolkit to adapt for your specific country’s needs and ensure it’s reflective of your own unique context.

Readers are not expected to be experts in ICT or in EA. However, a basic knowledge of eHealth and its role in supporting health care delivery workflows is assumed. We’ve used a storytelling approach and the document is written in plain language with background information, illustrations of key points, and examples where they’re thought to be helpful.

Over the weeks and months ahead, we’ll hold deeper discussions on various chapters through our  Google Groups forum. In the meantime, your input of how we can continue to improve these materials and make them more meaningful to you is greatly appreciated.  Please feel free to comment below or you can reach me at

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