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Perspectives on the Digital Development Opportunity

By Tara Newton, communications associate, BID Initiative

Oct 31, 2014

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Image credit: USAID, Brooke Patterson

Recently, USAID published an IMPACTblog post by Dr. Rajiv Shah titled, “The Digital Development Opportunity,” which focuses on how technology is tackling global development challenges.

Shah comments on the importance of not “creating technology for technology’s sake”. With this in mind, in partnership with donors and multilaterals, the GreenTree Consensus was published.

PATH has been an early supporter and shaper of the GreenTree Consensus, a set of principles focusing on the importance of working with governments and key stakeholders to ensure that all projects and services are appropriate, scalable and affordable. Kate Wilson, a key advisor to the BID Initiative, recently provided her perspective on the article on the PATH blog, citing the BID Initiative as a great example of how technology is enabling innovative solutions to global problems.

As we progress with the BID Initiative, we will apply these principles to provide innovative, sustainable solutions for our demonstration countries that can then be packaged up in replicable solutions and adapted by other countries.

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