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Learning, Sharing, and Scaling throughout Africa

By Tara Newton, Communications Associate

May 26, 2016

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Through the BID Learning Network (BLN), many countries in sub-Saharan Africa participate in the design and testing of BID tools and interventions. The BLN enables peer-to-peer learning exchanges to ensure BID Initiative’s solutions will be relevant for and adopted by other countries interested in improving their health programs through better data and decision-making.

The following video is the fourth and final video in our recently released series. The video shows how critical the knowledge and experiences shared through the BLN at our in-person meetings, partner-hosted webinars, and Google Group are in the design of sustainable and scalable solutions to improve immunization service delivery.

Watch the video to learn more about the BID Learning Network including interviews with participants and a firsthand look at the field visits during our last BLN Discussion Meeting.

Stay tuned for updates from another Design Collaborative Meeting taking place next week in Ghana focusing on immunization registry development.

View the full video series.

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