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How do we improve health around the world?

By Tara Newton, Communications Associate, BID Initiative

Feb 24, 2016

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Through better data that leads to better decisions.

Improving poor data quality and use is a complicated problem to solve. There isn’t a single, one size fits all solution that can truly address this challenge in a scalable, sustainable way. At the BID Initiative, we believe that the collection of multiple interventions is key to helping address data quality and use challenges. We need a holistic investment in data management policies and practices, information system products, and the people who will use them.

We often get asked about how the BID Initiative is partnering with countries to solve this challenge. We’re pleased to share an infographic highlighting the BID Initiative approach to better health outcomes through policies and practices, products, people and packaging. Better data, better decisions and ultimately better health, rely on all of these approaches working together toward improved data quality and use, increased efficiency in service delivery, scale and sustainability. Encouraging and showcasing the benefits of data use, (Policies and Practices), introducing new tools that simplify data collection and access (Products), and engaging the end users (People) to assure BID solutions are applicable and can be scaled in multiple country contexts (Packaging), are all critical components to success.

Oliver, a health worker at USA River Health Facility in Arusha, Tanzania is currently learning and implementing BID Initiative solutions in her facility. Learn how our approach has made a positive impact on her job through better data to make better decisions and reach more children with her services.


View photos from the BID Initiative and follow our progress in our demonstration countries.

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One thought on “How do we improve health around the world?”

  1. Sienyo Emmanuel says:

    I think it is a necessity in achieving efficiency not better health outcomes

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