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Follow our Progress: Demo Country Interactive Map

By Tara Newton, Communications Associate

May 1, 2015

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Did you know we’re implementing BID Initiative interventions in 253 facilities in the Arusha region of Tanzania? You can now track our progress facility-by-facility in our newly launched interactive map!

The map allows users to zoom in and out of the region and click on facilities to view information such as facility type, population served, the number of children immunized per month, and a progress tracker mapping to the five visits to each facility over the course of this year.

Each facility includes details on the interventions that will be implemented. Depending on the volume of patients and the presence of electricity, each facility has a tailored list of interventions. For example, high-volume facilities with electricity will implement an electronic immunization registry, and low-volume facilities without electricity will implement a modified paper-based immunization registry that will be scanned into the national electronic immunization registry system at the district level. This capability will allow all facilities to have visibility into the immunization data, notifying health workers when a scheduled vaccine has been missed

Figure 1: View of Arusha Region facilities.

map1Figure 2: View of individual facility with intervention description tip.

Map 2

We encourage you to explore the map and track our progress in each facility as we roll out interventions across the Arusha region.

We’ll be launching Zambia’s map in the coming months once testing in the Southern Province is complete and implementation begins.

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