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Data power: preventing disease on the ground

By Monica Graham, communications officer, BID Initiative

Oct 2, 2014

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A recent article published on the Gavi-powered Vaccines Work blog discusses the power of data at the community level, citing Dr. John Snow’s cholera mapping analysis from the mid-19th century. New technologies and advancements in data practices have helped the global community tackle many global health challenges such as mapping immunization coverage, however, these data applications don’t always reach the community level. The BID Initiative will bring the data focus back to the community level where Dr. John Snow’s research began years ago.

Our Global Director, Liz Peloso, shares her firsthand experience at an Indonesian clinic where health workers defied the odds and effectively used data to identify trends, potential issues, and successfully treat patients before illnesses spread.

Read the full article: Data power: preventing disease on the ground.

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