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How to Improve Access to Affordable Health Care

Nov 13, 2014

In support of their Healthy Means campaign, Devex published an article, “How to improve access to affordable health care,” that resonates with some of the work we are doing with the BID Initiative. The article stresses that while access and affordability are important, without strong health systems and quality service delivery with accountability and effective oversight, health care service will remain insufficient.

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Perspectives on the Digital Development Opportunity

Oct 31, 2014

PATH’s DHS team has been early supporters and shapers of the GreenTree Consensus, a set of principles focusing on the importance of working with governments and key stakeholders to ensure that all projects and services are appropriate, scalable and affordable. Kate Wilson, a key advisor to the BID Initiative, recently provided her perspective on the article on the PATH blog, citing the BID Initiative as a great example of how technology is enabling innovative solutions to global problems.

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Interventions: Community Micro-training Videos

Oct 29, 2014

In an effort to build on momentum being gained within PATH, the Better Immunization Data (BID) Initiative is leveraging a project that is bringing micro-training videos to targeted communities. More specifically, Projecting Health is a community-led, video-driven approach that empowers the communities to identify, develop and produce their own videos to foster the adoption of desired behaviors.

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First Field Visit in Zambia’s Southern Province

Oct 27, 2014

The week of October 12th the Better Immunization Data (BID) Initiative team in Zambia and I began our first field activities in the Southern Province. We were joined by representatives from the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health at national, provincial and district levels who visited facilities in Livingstone and helped us kick off an exciting journey to develop solutions and interventions for better health outcomes. The visit to the district was preceded by a meeting with the Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Jelita Chinyonga, who expressed excitement over the BID Initiative’s presence which will help address existing challenges on immunization data-capturing and data-use in her province and enhance service provision at all levels of the health care system.

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