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Collaborating for Innovative Solutions in Global Health

Jun 23, 2016

How do we innovate to build a world where health is in reach for everyone? Last week, professionals in global health and development converged to learn from one another and push the envelope at Devex World.

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How do we improve health around the world?

Feb 24, 2016

Improving poor data quality and use is a complicated problem to solve. There isn’t a single, one size fits all solution that can truly address this challenge in a scalable, sustainable way. At the BID Initiative, we believe that the collection of multiple interventions is key to helping address data quality and use challenges. We need a holistic investment in data management policies and practices, information system products, and the people who will use them.

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Celebrating Progress, Looking Forward: the BLN Discussion Meeting

Feb 11, 2016

International development is a collaborative effort, and the BLN Discussion Meeting showed collaboration at work. Held in Arusha, Tanzania from December 7 to 10, the BLN Meeting was a chance for over 60 representatives from fifteen countries and various partner organizations to discuss the challenges and successes of developing and implementing eHealth strategies and data use interventions.

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Return on Investment: Strengthening People, Processes, and Technology Improves Supply Chain Performance in Tanzania

Sep 30, 2015

Like many of the countries involved with the BID Initiative, Tanzania identified data visibility to stock status, especially from lower levels of the health system, as one of its primary challenges.

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Health Workers Meet the BID Initiative

Aug 14, 2015

The BID Initiative is rolling out interventions to 253 health facilities in the Arusha region over the course of this year and into early 2016. We have successfully completed the first facility visits in the Arusha City Council district and are now beginning in Meru district. We often get questions on what goes into our site visits and how we practically begin rolling out a comprehensive initiative of this scale.

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BID Rolls Out in Arusha

Jul 22, 2015

At the end of last month, the BID Initiative officially launched interventions in Arusha, our pilot region in Tanzania! We began with a handful of facilities to user test the new national electronic immunization system and incorporated feedback before expanding to additional facilities. This is a culmination of major efforts in establishing partnerships, identifying the most pressing immunization data-related challenges and fine-tuning interventions to solve them.

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Innovations in Vaccines and Data to Transform Health by 2030

Jul 16, 2015

Innovation Countdown 2030 is reimagining what’s possible in global health. Led by PATH, the initiative is identifying and showcasing technologies and interventions with great promise to accelerate progress toward solving the world’s most urgent health issues.

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Intervention Spotlight: Electronic Immunization Registry

Jul 1, 2015

A key intervention for the BID Initiative is the national electronic immunization registry that will ensure all children are registered from birth and do not miss a potentially life-saving vaccine.

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Health Workers Successfully use WhatsApp to Solve Problems

May 7, 2015

During the testing phase of interventions in four health facilities in the districts of Meru and Arusha, we established a WhatsApp group as a communication forum for healthcare workers.

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Opportunities for Home-Based Immunization Records

Apr 9, 2015

The BID Initiative is on the brink of implementing a national electronic immunization system in Tanzania while countries yet to implement such a system often turn to home-based records for immunization programs. With scarce public health resources and the need for accurate data on immunization coverage, home-based records can be an effective way to track if children are receiving the vaccines they need. However, is there a need for a more durable, coordinated system for home-based records?

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