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BID launches generic tools to help other likeminded countries implement data quality and use interventions

By Laurie Werner, Global Director, BID Initiative

Sep 14, 2018

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Photo: PATH/Trevor Snapp. A young patient holds a child health cared.

Though data quality and use interventions must be tailored to meet the different needs of countries and health contexts, many implementation tools can be recycled, modified, and reapplied. BID is committed to helping other countries avoid the costly and time-consuming ramp-up often required of projects, and so has developed a generic set of tools based on its experience in Tanzania and Zambia.

They fall under three main categories:

  • Planning tools: Planning tools are critical to ensuring the success of interventions long-term. They help to assess the landscape for immunization services, key stakeholders that should be involved in project design, and ensure that programs meet national and global goals. These tools include a stakeholder mapping exercise and terms of reference for user advisory groups.
  • Tools for operations: Planning tools can help to coordinate the introduction and implementation of data quality and use interventions. These tools range from a strategy for conducting facility and district-level site visits, to an issue log to help document system errors and other challenges encountered throughout rollout.
  • Tools for change management and data use: Digital tools are just one component of data quality and use interventions. Health workers at all levels of government must also embrace a culture of data use. These tools range from job aids to help health workers identify how they are using data, to change readiness assessments.

In the spirit of sharing and collaboration, we hope other countries will benefit from these resources. For the full list of tools, and a description of each, visit our BLN library.

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