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BID Initiative April 2014–March 2015 Annual Report

By Tara Newton, Communications Associate, BID Initiative

May 6, 2015

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The month of March marked the end of year two for the BID Initiative! Our annual report is now available detailing our progress over the year and what’s to come in year three. Year two saw us fully staff two national offices, establish key partnerships in our demonstration countries, Tanzania and Zambia; as well as  align with global partners, and start work in two test regions.

Zambia is now testing interventions in select facilities in the Southern Province while Tanzania is now implementing interventions across the Arusha region to solve for critical data-related challenges faced by immunization programs. Our BID Learning Network convened twice last year to lay the groundwork for the peer-learning network as well as iterate on the proposed electronic immunization registry system.

We encourage you to read the annual report which further details our progress over the year, getting us one step closer to achieving our vision of improved data for national level decision-making.

Please also continue following along on our journey through our website, quarterly e-newsletter, blog, and visit our new interactive demonstration country map, which tracks our step-by-step progress facility by facility.

Annual Report April 2014–March 2015

Rapport Annuel Avril 2014–Mars 2015

Annual Report

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