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About the BLN

As part of the overall BID Initiative, the specific goals of the BID Learning Network (BLN) are to:

  1. Bring countries together to identify shared problems and solutions and connect with peers.
  2. Use this knowledge to design common information system products, practices, and data policies.
  3. Experiment with these designs in countries to determine their applicability.
  4. Use this experience to inform national and global decision-making.
The BID Learning Network (BLN) is designed to foster
continuous learning and communication.


Succeeding Together

These three participants will be primary BID Initiative partners working to deploy solutions at scale.

These participants will actively lend their intellectual resources to assist with the development of BID solutions and will be eligible to receive additional BLN benefits, such as access to small grants.

These participants will be periodically informed on progress across the BID Initiative, but do not have significant time to devote to helping design the actual solutions. Participants are encouraged to exchange ideas through BID’s discussion areas.

This initiative will succeed because we will collaborate in real time — continually learning, sharing, and moving forward toward solutions.



The initiative is designed to quickly accumulate insights. Both macro and micro perspectives around current data collection tools and data use practices will be synthesized to inform the design of the BID Initiative solution.



As insights and directional ideas take shape, the initiative will share these findings so that participants can provide feedback to refine the meaning and impact that should be derived.



The initiative will not withdraw from insufficient ideas that do not deliver. Instead, the initiative will seek to learn from any failures and quickly apply the lesson to help ensure the final solution is even more sound and effective.

Member Benefits & Activities

The specific benefits and activities undertaken by BLN country participants vary with their level of
engagement as Demo, Design or Discussion Countries. Read our overview presentation:

Download File: pdf (51 KB)


What is the motivation for the BID Learning Network?

The BID Initiative, which seeks to enhance immunization and overall health service delivery through improved data collection, quality, and use, was designed with an embedded peer-to-peer learning network. This addresses two challenges in global development: (1) how to rapidly and cost-effectively develop new strategies that can improve the management of national health systems, and (2) how to design a set of solutions (i.e., information products, practices, and policies) in one country that can be broadly useful for many. The learning network addresses these challenges by bringing a diverse and varied set of country experiences into the design and dissemination of these new strategies. During the Country Consultation Meeting in Nairobi in October 2013, participants affirmed the desire to move forward with designing and launching the BID Learning Network. The network will enable peer-to-peer learning exchanges, targeted discussions on topics such as designing patient registries and increasing health worker motivation, and the development of local and regional capacity in informatics through an African-led initiative.

What is the goal of the BID Learning Network?
How will the BID Learning Network achieve this goal?
What are the guiding principles of the BID Learning Network?
Which topics will the BID Learning Network address?
What is the proposed structure for the BID Learning Network?
What does it mean to be an African-led initiative?
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