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BID at a Glance

Routine immunizations and new vaccine introductions are two of the best investments to improving people’s health around the globe. While the world has made incredible progress in providing access to lifesaving vaccines, immunization coverage is stalling, leaving children vulnerable to preventable diseases. Without reliable, easy-to-access, and actionable data on the barriers impeding immunizations, coupled with trained data managers, stakeholders interested in improving immunization coverage are working with limited and often anecdotal data that may not correlate with the actual issues. Did a child miss a vaccine because the health center had a stockout? Or because the caregiver did not know the child was due?

Led by PATH, the BID Initiative is grounded in the belief that better data, plus better decisions, will lead to better health outcomes. Since 2013, BID has been partnering with the governments of Tanzania and Zambia to address the most critical routine immunization service delivery problems through improved data collection, quality, and use.

Packaging a suite of interventions

With our country partners, we designed, tested, and rolled out a holistic suite of interventions that are flexible enough to apply to other countries and health areas. These include:

  • Electronic immunization registry integrated with a supply chain information system.
  • Automated, simplified report generation and visualization.
  • Data use campaigns.
  • Peer support networks and targeted supervision for health workers.
  • Barcodes or QR on child health cards and vaccine supplies to help uniquely identify patients and track vaccine stocks.
  • Dashboards to monitor facility and neighboring facility performance.

The BID Regional Program

Over the past five years, BID has gained significant experience in the implementation of data quality and use interventions to improve immunization service delivery. This includes deep knowledge about the holistic design, introduction, adoption, scale up, and sustainability of digital interventions. BID will leverage this experience, and through the BID Learning Network will advance a portfolio of work that continues to strengthen immunization programming in Tanzania, Zambia, and beyond.

BID Learning Network