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The BID Initiative was designed to offer a suite of data quality and use interventions that can be adapted for other countries and health contexts. As a growing number of governments embrace the important role of health information systems, BID and our country-led peer learning network, the BLN, are leveraging our experience in Tanzania and Zambia through a newly launched mentorship model.

The BID Regional Mentors Program is partnering with select countries in Africa to improve data availability, quality, and use in immunization. Countries were identified after a rigorous assessment process that determined their priority immunization data needs, and then paired country focal point persons with BID mentors based in Tanzania and Zambia. The mentors have direct experience implementing EIRs, change management strategies, and other data quality and use interventions. They fulfill a range of technical assistance needs, including:

  • Designing tailored interventions to strengthen data use and decision-making in routine immunization programs;
  • Planning for the implementation and scale up of data quality and use interventions, such as EIRs.

As countries increasingly graduate from Gavi support and strengthen their health information systems, the BID Regional Mentors Program provides a critical model for country-driven sustainability. The program will also contribute to the regional and global knowledge base surrounding data quality and use interventions, while fostering a hub for sharing and learning across countries. Finally, the BID Regional Mentorship Program will help validate, develop, and disseminate lessons from the immunization and digital health sectors.

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